Employed persons (a member of the employer’s retirement fund): Learn how you can make the pension or provident fund work for you. Protect it so that it works for you and your dependents.
Self-employed persons: You may have acquired credit to expand your business and may have committed yourself to other unnecessary and expensive underlying transactions.
Dreaming of purchasing a new car: Is it in your interest to have both the manufacturer’s warranty and the additional warranty running parallel?
Young graduates: As a young graduate who has just completed a tertiary qualification, in your first job, there will be financial decisions to make every step of the way. At middle age: You may have already started making some financial arrangements or may be thinking about it. You need Y’mani.
Facing retirement: You may be a few years from retirement and looking at beginning your life as a third ager. Gone are the days where employers could make decisions for their employees in terms of which pension to purchase. You need to make informed choices.
First time home buyers: There are fundamental decisions to make about securing your life, your home. You need Y’mani.



Y’mani gives you tools to inspect your financial health
We introduce you to your financial self
Help you have a sound appreciation of your personal circumstances
Know how to articulate your personal circumstances
Appreciate that financial solutions involving financial products must suit your circumstances
We teach you how and when to make adjustments
Help you take charge and reduce the risk of contracting for financial products that are not suitable with your circumstances
Help you make responsible financial decisions and learn to become financially free
We teach you how to fearlessly face and deal with debt and many more topics